YYYEEEEEEEE and other ramblings, a memoir by Katie Veneziano


I’ve been laying low in terms of any show business-y career updates mostly because much like the 6 train when you need it the most, it had screeched to a halt (that’s funny if you live on the East side, please take a number and I will fight with you shortly)

Screeching!!! Halt!!!!! No!!!!!!! More!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Screeching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Screeching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had been bugging the life out of my Connecticut agent saying that I moved and wanted representation here in the city, right? So she sends my headshots out –

Princess Elsa meets “please, oh God please help me pay my student loans that I took out under the premise I’d be making greater finances with a Bachelor’s degree and yet here I am”

Yikes, right? And no one bites.  Except!!! A few days ago she shoots me an email saying that MMG (Model Management Group) was interested in meeting me.  So I spend a couple of days hydrating myself into the next dimension and sleeping more than normal, only to find out my TSH in my thyroid (lack of) is 9.83 when it’s supposed to be 4.5.  After momentarily contemplating meeting with a Priest (that’s funny if you know me, please take a number and I will fight with you shortly), I met with a new agent today and they offered me a contract! I obviously need to get new photos done (as I am no longer Kween of the ice people), speaking of which – Click here to check Michael Webber’s work – this is the guy I’ll be shooting with in the beginning of July.  They do both modeling and acting, and the lady I met with today was super into the idea of me doing both and she said I have a baby face and could play 18-19 years old. (insert joy-crying emoji here)

I’m still kind of in shock, mostly because my junior year acting professor once took me into his office after spending 5 months straight berating me in front of my peers and tried to tell me that I should change my major because for some people acting is “more of a hobby” and the chances of me ever being successful as a comedic actor were “not possible.” If you’re currently or have ever been in that position where someone who is supposed to be encouraging your development as an artist and guiding you is trying to cram you into a mold that you don’t fit into, fuck that guy.  If my sophomore year acting professor once told me (again, in front of my peers) that it’s “a good thing you’re pretty, because you have no talent” and my junior year professor once hated me so much for being a comedic actor that he once screamed at me for momentarily glancing at my watch and tried to convince me to quit altogether and I’m still doing this, you should be too.  The biggest thing I pulled away from that which helped me move on is if it’s something that you care about  in your core, who the fuck is that guy to question your core? The core police? That’s not a thing, shut up Katie stop typing –

Anyway.  Guys.  Don’t just follow your dreams, fight for them.  Make stuff happen.



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