Who the hell is this?

Good question! One I’ve been trying to answer for 23 years (definitely not reaching for beer and sighing…)


Ok, existentialism over.  Hi, I’m Katie.  I’m an actress, model (yeah, really) and low budget documentary film maker.  What’s the budget? $0! Think like if Project Runway was for poor people…and movies…so basically nothing like Project Runway.

We’re off to a great start!

I grew up in Connecticut and now live in New York City with my boyfriend (yes, really) and our over stuffed closet.  I have a BA in Theatre Arts with an Emphasis in Performance and a Special Studies minor in Media & Ethics – roughly translated, I’m an actress with a camera who is sometimes nice to people between intermittent mental outbursts.

I started this with the intent to talk about the “starving artist” struggle for what it is.  It’s not just ramen noodles and staying in a lot (even though to be fair there is a good portion of that); it’s also the process of the day-to-day.

So if you like piña coladas and getting caught in the rain – there’s probably some legal issue with that, let’s try again.

So if you like New York City and watching people other than yourself struggle (because GOD KNOWS I do), let’s chat.